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Here at "Luv'in R Ranch" our aim is to save as many horses from abuse and neglect as possible.  We also foster horses from other shelters that aren't able to accommodate them. While we have 25 acres to use, we are limited, financially, to the number of horses we can have at any one time. Prior to the establishment of our non-profit status and incorporation, we were solely self-funded. We are a 501c3 Charity and can accept all donations. My wife Lisa and I have worked very hard to improve our property to properly complete our mission. Now, the only way we can move forward is with your help. We have designed t-shirts, hoodies, hats and other support gear for you to consider purchasing. We have donated items for sale as well.  Or, if you would like to simply contribute to our cause, our 4-legged clients would forever be in your debt.  

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A Word About Our Goals