Recently, we were given the opportunity to welcome a beautiful, young woman and her horse to our Luv'in R Ranch. While Bailey does have special needs, she is very capable and loves to take care of her best friend when she visits. She has been able to maintain a positive attitude over the past few months while enduring enough tragedy    to make most people want to give up. 

Meet Bailey and her beloved horse Cherry Pie!

Lone Wolves Horse Rescue

     Last May, Bailey lost her mother to MS. Her mom had been sick for many years. During that time, her father took care of Bailey and ran the household. This Viet Nam vet had a very close and nurturing relationship with Bailey and made her feel very secure and safe. Unfortunately, 18 days after losing her mother, her dad died in is sleep. This left Bailey with no one to care for her. Shortly thereafter, the bank foreclosed on her home in Sierra City.

     Thanks to the hard work of Cynthia Harding at Alta California Regional Center, Bailey has been relocated to a group home to start the next chapter of her life. That left only Cherry Pie to be relocated. Cynthia contacted us and, after hearing Bailey's story, we signed right up to adopt Cherry Pie in perpetuity.

     Bailey has only a little social security income, so she can't afford to shoulder all the costs involved in keeping a horse so we need your help. If you can help Bailey and Cherry Pie with their ongoing expenses, please donate whatever you can