Lone Wolves Horse Rescue


Our beautiful mare was adopted by a wonderful family who mainly wanted pasture pal for their mare that came with their new house. Maya made instant friends with her and is living out her retirement on 10 acres with a pond!


This beautiful mare was abandoned and dumped in our laps. After we got her to our Luv'in R Ranch we discovered she was completely broke and very well trained. Lisa's friend recognized immediately what a great horse she is and adopted her right away! A great horse to a great home! The little girl renamed her and loves her intensely!


Being able to fulfill this wonderful couple's needs was as important to us as making these beautiful horses happy and secure with their great forever home!


The next 2 stories are of young couple that came to us in search of 2 horses to ride and team rope. We were able to secure a "matched set" for them that they couldn't be happier with!