Lone Wolves Horse Rescue

Here's a few of our happy endings:



As mentioned, he too was on the streets with hooves so overgrown they resembled clown feet. He is a real character and is definitely a pistol to deal with but I fell in love with him. He took a lot of training but his forever home is right here!


She was found on the streets in Cottonwood walking aimlessly with Pistol (who became my personal horse). Tired, scared and hungry, my wife gathered them up and brought them home. She took some work but became the love of her forever Mom who absolutely adores her.



He was found wandering the streets of Santa Cruz, badly in need of food and a hoof trim.  After much care and love, we found him a wonderful forever home.



This amazing horse was horribly abused and ridden until his hooves were almost completely worn off.  After a complete rehab and some training, he met his perfect owner, Robby, and is living a life of light riding and total pampering.