HONEY - All Natural McClaughry Farms unfiltered, raw and pure

Available in Blackberry and Clover in 1 lb. glass jars and 3 lb. COLD PACK Clover. The honey hasn't been heated past 110 deg. so it contains all its pollens and heat sensitive enzymes. This is as good as it gets.

1 lb. - $9

3 lb. - $21


This good quality hoodie is available with a $100 donation. It comes in black w/pink logo and sport grey w/black. Send size info with name and address on "Contact Us" page.


Magic Manure     1-.5-.6

This is the latest from the Luv'in R Ranch. We have formulated a liquid horse manure fertilizer for the homeowner's garden. It is biodegradable and currently comes in 1 gallon containers @ $30 and 5 gallon buckets @$50. We have used this formulation in our garden and I can tell you that it works. I will even personally deliver it within reason. I am available for any questions @ 530-263-4515.

Lone Wolves Horse Rescue